Type a few keywords

Software searches keywords on Google

while loop to count the row numbers and put data in the row, row ++

If search result == keyword (e.g., small businesses && near me —> results have to match both &&)

//URL —> not the most important thing

fetch URL, put into the URL column of gsheets

//Company name

fetch all the characters one space

place these characters + "biz" into the company column of gsheets


if found "@" sign

get all letters before and after the @ sign until meets space

put those characters into the email column of gsheets


if these characters contain "."

put the characters before "." and after " " into the first name column of gsheets

put the characters after "." and before "@" into the last name column of gsheets

if found a clickable string

fetch the results of this string

if string is an email property

follow above


skip to the next result