SP Jain School of Global Management is a new, small, and private university originated from India (hence at least half of the students will come from India). Its tri-city BBA (Bachelor’s of Business Administration) program allows students to study in Singapore the first year, Dubai the second, and Sydney the third and fourth. This type of program is immensely beneficial as a business student as it can help distinguish a student on the resume but also broaden the student’s own perspective.

Fun fact: SPJ students refer themselves as “Jags” (Jaguars).

Check out SPJ’s BBA site here.

I organized this blog into two sections:

  1. My application process
  2. The ultimate Q&A about SP Jain

There are three parts of the application process that I personally went through as a North American student.

  1. Online Application
  2. Application with Profesor Alesa Lightbourne
  3. Skype interview with Profesor Alesa Lightbourne

Below is the Online Application:


Note: this is all of the sections you have to complete for this part of the application.


Note that the minimum entrance test score required is SAT score of 1250 or SPJ’s SPJET test with a score in the 70th percentile.


Note that the Statement of Purpose is the only essay you have to write for this part of the application.


This is where you will check “Yes” for those scholarships!

Note: SPJ does not accept recommendation letters, here’s Professor Alesa Lightbourne’s response to this: