And... 2 years later, my new packing list. I fit everything in my 25L backpack.


Backpack: Tom Bihn Synpase 25L

I highly recommend anything made by Tom Bihn, they are crazy good in quality. They never have sales and I feel really good about paying the full price for its fabric and craftsmanship, also they don't really spend money on ads.

If I'd get another backpack from them, it'd be their Guide's Edition Synik 22L. The 22L storage will be perfect for me as the 25L still feel a bit too large, and I think their Guide's Edition design looks better.

Crossbody bag for when I go out: Tom Bihn Everyday Cubelet

Sometimes I carry my cards, ID and passport in here if I left my backpack in an unsafe area.

Packing cube, dry bag, toiletry bag: really any would do. Mine is from Osprey and Outdoor Research.


3 shirts: Wool and Prince

Amazing quality and fabric, something you don't have to wash too often as long as you change your undershirt. I had the pleasure to try almost all of the female shirts they have. My favorite ones are the 170 Olivine Safari Shirt (their softest fabric and my favorite fabric), 210 Purple Oxford Fitted Shirt (heavy and quality formal shirt) and Wool Linen Fitted Shirt (fabric is a bit scratchy but I like the pattern and the airy-ness).

1 pair of pants, 1 pair of shorts: Outlier Slim Dungarees, Outlier New Way Shorts

Outlier is one of my favorite brands. They are just like Tom Bihn and Wool and Prince - you pay for their technology, craftsmanship, and fabric quality - and they don't spend money on ads. Unfortunately, they only make men's clothing at the moment, so I have to buy their products and use a tailor to make a version that fits me. I haven't found a comparable women's brand yet 😢

3 t-shirts, 3 underwear, 3 bra, 3 pairs of socks: any would do. Mine is from Smartwool, Exofficio, Ably Apparel, Muji

The way I look at these things is that you probably have to change them more often, therefore, I tend to just buy cheap ones made in cotton in the country I am living in. Although, a lot of people like a full merino wool wardrobe to optimize their packing list, if you have a limited budget, I think it's wiser to spend money on a better backpack, outer shirts and a good pair of pant.

1 jacket (hardshell): Outdoor Research Interstellar Jacket

Best bang for the buck in performance ultra lightweight hardshell jackets (wind and waterproof).

2 pairs of shoes: any would do. I have a pair of Dr. Martens Chelsea boots for formal occasions and a pair of Allbirds for other times.