Watson is a legit program: https://www.lynn.edu/academics/individualized-learning/limitless-learning/watson-institute

On a legality basis, Watson partners with Lynn University, and Lynn University is accredited. https://www.lynn.edu/university-policies/statements/accreditation

Do not damage anything in your dorm. Do not do things like placing hot pots on the kitchen counter or the floor and burn the surface. Chautauqua will make you pay at least hundreds of dollars for these "small burnt marks."

Chautauqua is heaven for hikers and photographers. Take advantage of the amazing sunrise, sunsets, and hiking trails as they are literally 5 min walk away behind the backdoor of your dorm.

If you are coming during the fall semester, take advantage of the Denver Startup Week: https://www.denverstartupweek.org/ Otherwise, take advantage of Boulder meetups: https://www.meetup.com/cities/us/co/boulder/ and CU Boulder club fairs: https://www.colorado.edu/involvement/fair Get to know communities beyond Watson.

Research, research, and research before your mentor network event and before every master course teacher come. Get to know who these people are, find the uncommon commonalities between you and them, and ask for questions, advice and even introductions to other people. Keep the relationship going.

Always spend time with your fellow scholars. Get to know the history and culture of their countries, their personal experiences and background, their fears and dreams; cook with each other. Seldom will there be an environment like Watson where people get really close with each other and open up so much about themselves. These scholars and your mentors/teachers will likely be your greatest asset coming out of Watson, beyond studying about entrepreneurship and self-development.


Natural Grocers, Trader Joe's, Sprouts are good and fair priced grocery stores for organic products.

Alfalfa's is convenient, but the price isn't.

Dumpster-diving is also an option, if you really want.

The Harvest of Hope food pantry is accessible on a weekly basis with products like tissues, toilet paper, shampoo, and lotion**;** so if you really need, the cost of living can basically go down to zero.

The "cafeteria" in Chautauqua park is very expensive, so are restaurants in general, you are going to spend around $12-$20 per meal at least if you eat out unless it's fast food. So, most likely you'd have to cook for yourself in your dorm (or work out a system where your friend cooks at the dorm and you clean the dishes).